About me

Jane Pocock Write it Right

A few things you might want to know about me before working with me.

  • I’m a Brit. I come originally from the UK – born and bred in England, I was brought up mainly in London. I went to school and university there.
  • I’m international. I have lived and worked in several countries and have travelled widely – first in Prague as a child, and as an adult in Spain, several Latin American countries, many parts of Asia and now in the Netherlands.
  • I know what I’m doing. I have over 20 years’ editing, translating and teaching experience – I taught English in Spain and worked as an English teacher and translator when I travelled around Latin America. In the Netherlands I have taught English and established myself as an English editor. It is here that I set up Write it Right.
  • I have a global soul. I have always worked in an international environment – during my travels abroad obviously, but also here in the Netherlands. I find this to be a stimulating, enriching and also, at times, challenging environment in which to work and one I love to be in.
  • I care about the message. Good language is a means to an end, not an end in itself – this is the essence of what I do and why I do it! I want to help people communicate with each other in English – so that they can share their ideas, express their opinions, and sell their products and services.
  • I care about the form of the message. So I correct grammar, spelling and vocabulary. I work on style, structure and tone, and check for consistency.
  • I write a blog. Working Words is all about words and using them. With the Oxford English Dictionary’s Word of the Day as my inspiration, I have challenged myself to define words by actually using them – by making them work.
  • I do other things too. I enjoy reading, watching films and TV series (Doctor WhoBroadchurch and Lost to name a few), travelling, cooking, singing and knitting.
  • I have a cv. Who doesn’t? Here’s mine.


If you still want to work with me, send an email to jane.writeitright@gmail.com, phone me on 0646614128 or use my contact form.