The services I offer centre around language – the English language.

Editing and translation

Already have your text in English but not sure how good it is? Or do you want a second pair of eyes to check for spelling or grammar mistakes? Then you need my editing services.

Only have your text in Dutch but need it in English? Send it to me and I’ll translate it for you.

Editing and correcting your English text

Check the grammar

Improve the vocabulary

Perfect the syntax

Check for consistency of spelling and style, eg. UK or US English

Translation from Dutch to English

For small translation projects such as leaflets, blog posts, emails, letters and so on, you can also send me your original Dutch text and I will translate it into English. Once translated your text will be in perfect, well-written English.

For larger translation projects or if you want an English to Dutch translation, I can recommend Tupelo Translations. I have worked very often with this small translation company which provides consistently good translations.

My clients

My clients include:

  • business owners
  • students
  • academics
  • publishers
  • translators
  • anyone who wants their website, blog or printed matter to be written in perfect English.

The projects I work on vary from 200 page PhD theses to one page leaflets. I work on academic papers and theses, leaflets, presentations, websites, blog posts and letters – anything which demands a high level of English.

By entrusting your work to me, you can be confident that everything you write will be in good, correct English, does not contain spelling or grammatical mistakes and has a consistent style throughout.

Contact me to find out more.